Tuesday, June 05, 2012

this time....

last year we were in Maui. One of the things I wanted to do was really complete a minibook (minus the photos) while on vacation. Journal every night before bed. I won't lie, prepping to travel with enough supplies to complete a minibook (with the exception of the cover) while on the trip seemed a little scary to me. In the past I would take ziplock bags to collect things while on our trip and then when I got home I would create the minibook. I wanted to do something different and I wasn't sure how it would work, but I wanted to give it a try.

I have created quite a few minibooks over the years, but I always put them together after the vacation or trip. I would open up my ziplock bags, spread out everything I collected during the trip, take a look at any notes I took (usually I didn't). I would rely on my memory. Sometimes it might take me a few weeks to months before I would actually start the minibook.

When I decided to create this minibook while on the trip in "real time", if you will, I wanted to see how I felt about journaling every night, or during the day. Adding the little bits and pieces I collected that day right into the book. I knew I would have to make the commitment to actually follow through, take a few minutes during the day or night to write down the experiences of the day.

These were the supplies I took with me to Maui.

When I got home and compared this book to some of the other minibooks I have created about our vacations, one thing really stuck out, I wrote down so many more details in this one. Details, that if, I would have followed the same format as I had always done, would have been lost and forgotten.

The cover and adding the photos I completed when I got back, but the inner pages, adding the journaling everyday and the little bits of memorabilia I added while on the trip.

Honestly, I wish this album would have been a bit bigger, it measures 6" x 7". It really was an amazing family trip.

We are planning a trip back to Texas to see family. Jon will be able to see where I spent weekends and the Summer growing up in Gun Barrell City, Texas with my Nannie (Grandma). For this next trip I plan on doing the same kind of minibook (but a bigger one). Gathering the basic supplies to take with me on the road (we are driving this one) and journaling everyday, I like the more detailed version of our trips.

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Momentsinpics said...

I absolutely love your mini album!! I always try to journal while I am on a trip for that very reason!! Doesn't always work out but when it does the details captured are amazing!

Serene said...

What a great mini album to remember such a wonderful trip. Nicely done! I love those little vials on the cover. Awesome idea!

Queen Mary said...

I LOVE this project and you are an angel with your timing! I've been thinking about making a mini-album like this for some friends with whom I spend Memorial Day -- you have wonderful ideas here!