Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The most wonderful

time of year....especially for this sweet girl! She waits all year for the month December. Christmas and her birthday within ten days of each other. Every year we focus on what her interests are and plan her party around those. Keeping that special day Christmas free for the most part.

She is a lover of any living creature, seriously. When she thinks of an animal she does not care for, she then thinks of something that makes that one special.
Horses, horses, horses....she has been riding for awhile now (going on 5 years). I remember Flame the first horse she rode consistently, watching her brush him, clean him, etc. used to make me so nervous. Flame was so tall that she had to get on a tall log stump to even ride him. But she is a natural and is so comfortable around every horse she has come in contact with. Her new horse love is Max and he is quite handsome.

She can and will find any all dirt to play and jump around in. Definitely an outdoors girl.
She loves drawing, writing stories, crafts in general. That's my girl! :)

Keeping all of these things in mind we decided to have a sort of craft day.
I gathered some supplies to make animal necklaces with and snow globes out of mason jars. I saw these on Pinterest and thought they would be fun and fairly easy to make.

Next, Jon and I thought we could take her and a friend to "As You Wish". It would was the first time Jon and I had been there and I have to say we had a blast and the girls had a great time deciding what to paint, the colors they wanted to use, etc.

We pick up our masterpieces this week. :) It was a fun filled weekend celebrating our girl!

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