Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's be real.

I'm a horrible blogger and if anyone is still here, your the da' best!
Life has been more than a little crazy (we survived Graduation and Shelby turning 18) and when it gets like that for me, this little place always ends up being on the bottom of the list and neglected. Even though this place suffers, I'm still creating layouts, putting together kits for and making sure all of the product for the store is available as soon as possible. I will always be passionate about supplies, reading blogs, posting to Pinterest, all the little things I'm sure everyone else is doing too, in the little spare time they have. Life is sometimes more than a juggling act.

Here are some layouts I created a little while ago using the Family Favorites Kit. You can find it here and sign up to be notified when it comes back into stock. Sorry, I'm just sharing these now and not when the kit is still available. I'll do better, with sharing a little sooner.

In the off season of dove hunting Jon and I like to go to Usary Pass to do some clay shooting. When we are there I'm in a zone and never remember to take any kind of photos but this time I didn't forget and set a reminder on my phone. This was a snippet of our relationship I have been wanting to record for years now, but for some reason every time we are there I just forget until we are in the truck and the opportunity has come and gone.

This Easter is a bittersweet one. I wanted my journaling to reflect my feelings of this Easter in particular and as I sat at the end of the table watching (a participating, a little bit) I found myself reflecting on past Easter festivities. The traditions that Shelby has known growing up and what pieces she would take with her as she starts her own journey as an adult.

This layout turned out to be extremely dimensional. After cutting the kraft paper strips I stitched each one to the background paper and then bent each one up. I thought it would give a little more "western" or "rugged" feel.

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little of your time!


Michelle G said...

Love these layouts, they're just really interesting and draw the eye. Even hubby sitting next to me said 'there's some really good pages on that blog'...high praise indeed, believe me.

Dedra Long said...

Awe, please tell your hubby "thank you" and thank you Michelle for leaving such a sweet comment. Hope your week is fabulous! xoxo