Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project Life....

Ahhhh. Life! We all know that is not always roses and sunshine. There are speed bumps and the occasional road block. The one thing about Project Life, if you're staying true to it, is that sometimes you are documenting the not so happy and quite frankly some scary times in your life or in your family's life. The upside is you will remember who was there helping you through it all and in my case my girls have witnessed how important pulling together as a family can be. Bringing their awareness to another level, so to speak.

This was the week leading up to and including Father's Day. Shelby was in Poland, Ellie was in California and we had just found out of few days earlier that I would surgery as soon as possible. I was still cycling and we continued eating healthy spinach salads. The doctor asked if I I did any type of exercising and felt so proud to say "yes, yes I do". He informed me that I would heal faster with the shape I was in, which was super encouraging. We found out recovery would be hard and with my history of stage III cancer that would have a pathologist in the room with me during surgery in case cancer was found. It was a lot to take in. We scheduled the surgery for a few days later.

With the girls being out of town Jon was surprised to have cards waiting for him on Father's Day. He also received a video message from Shelby all the way from Poland. The morning of surgery Jon and I were trying to keep the mood light, being silly to keep my nerves under control, so we took this "selfie." Underneath it all I was very nervous and anxious. I kept the wrist bands that I wore during my hospital stay. The "in the moment" card opens up to reveal more journaling.

I tucked Jon's Father's Day cards into a binder pocket and attached the banner flag for added interest.

A photo of our hospital room. Jon slept on a cot next to me the entire time. After being released we had many monsoon warnings and the pilot of Ellie's plane home let her sit in the cockpit. She loved it. The first morning being home I was able to move around a little bit and snapped this photo of all my caretakers plating monopoly. They made sure I was taking my medications when needed, eating right and everything in between.

With a lot of extra journaling I used a few folded cards to fit everything in. To keep this one closed I used a velcro closure.

Hope your having a great week. Happy "hump day!"


Doreen Vasquez said...

Happy "Hump" day to you as well!
And wow, what an experience! Glad you pulled through it alright!
You did a great job capturing it!

Dedra Long said...

Thanks so much Doreen! <3