Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Halloween Decor....

was on the "to do" list a couple of weeks ago. But before I could fully decorate Jon needed to install some very old wood planks in the niche for me. We had been talking about it since we moved in last March. This is what it has looked like since we moved in and unpacked.

To get the space ready for Jon and Sr. I took everything outta there and cleaned all of the dust bunnies. ;)

Once it was all cleared out the guys took their measurements for the steel pieces to be cut. It was a lot of deciding - how tall I wanted it set, did we want the steel pieces exposed a little or set all the way back against the wall, etc. We got all of that figured out and the guys went to cut the steel pieces.

Once Jon and Sr. started installing the steel I was so excited I started getting all of the plastic tubs of Halloween out. 

This is some of the decorations I have collected over the years. Apparently I love bottles that I cover with Halloween labels. With this being the first Halloween in the new house it was fun laying everything out, going through it and deciding where I wanted everything. Creating little vignettes throughout the house. Shelby of course was ecstatic, coming home to a decorated house and pumpkin candles burning (she had to work that day). 

This is how one of the main vignettes turned out. For the first year, it's not bad. Sorry this photo is not the best!

A little closer from the side. I still love that old extinguisher, it is apart of out decor during the entire year but comes in real handy around Halloween. Old cameras are classic for any holiday decor. ;)

Another close up from the other side. Looking at this photo reminds me I need to get ribbon for that old typewriter. 

Next year, this little guy needs a more festive makeover. I need to get photos of other little decorated areas around the house. Some are on the floor. Hope you guys have a fabulous "hump day" Wednesday!


AntiqueChase said...

Love this!! Marcy

Dedra Long said...

Thanks Marcy! :)

luv46kdz said...

Love!!! You are dedicated, I am lazy, lol. Isn't it flipping fantastic having a hubby who can do anything. We have saved tens of thousands in our 100 and something Victorian because my hubby is very handy :)

Be well,