Friday, August 16, 2013

this summer

has flown by, even with the girls going on separate vacations, seeing various family members and having their own unique experiences. In the beginning of the summer Ellie was headed to California and Shelby was off to Poland.
They both left on the same morning within hours of each other. Jon and I made that morning all about being at the airport with our girls and seeing them off. Shelby was the first to leave at 4:45 that particular morning and Ellie left a couple of hours later. Once Ellie's plane was in the air we were walking away from the gate and looked at each other, we were thinking the same thing and almost said it at the same time. Both of our girls were somewhere in the clouds, on a plane going in very different directions. We said a little prayer and started thinking about the next week and a half by ourselves. We found out within a few days that I would have to have major surgery and in short order. Within a week, the day before the girls were coming home, I was on an operating table.

Jon, Jon's mom Diana and my mom were amazing. Jon stayed with me the entire time, sleeping on a cot in my room. I saw another side and meaning to the phrase "soul mate". When the girls came home Jon picked up Ellie and my mom picked up Shelby. I was so happy to see them and hear about their adventures and experiences. I'm so grateful for the wonderful mom's in our lives. I could not have made it through the toughest times without them.

Each year for our family has taken up two 12x12 albums. One album for every six months and I don't do day to day Project Life.

Here are some of my latest Project Life spreads. This first one is the beginning of the second 12x12 album:

This second one covers Shelby's 17th birthday, Ellie flying for the first time as an un-accompanied minor and a very small sampling of Shelby's photos of Poland.

I put all of Shelby's birthday cards in a pocket divider and made a cute birthday banner to dress it up a little. I like the way it added more color to the spread as well.

Thanks for taking a look. Hope you have a great weekend!

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