Friday, May 03, 2013

we have.

come so far in the studio. I have been able to carve out some creative time every weekend so far. This is what it looked like when we moved in:

It was a storage area for boxes during the first couple of weeks in the new house. At night we would completely shut the doors and I it was weird. I felt "off", not myself. Looking back, I really do think it was because everything was in such disarray. During this time, I remember telling Jon on many occasions this is why some people don't move for 30 years or more.
Jon would always reply, "but it is going to be so worth it", and it is.
Jon had built and installed the "floating" entertainment center, we had Shelby's room figured out and a few other areas dealt with and then Jon said "we need spend the weekend on the studio".
We opened the doors and started pulling things out that Friday night.

Then Jon started measuring so the cabinets he built for the old house could be re.installed in the new house.

The power had to be moved up the wall so it could still be used and not remain behind the cabinets.

Base cabinets, upper shelves on both sides and under cabinet lighting was installed.

I was excited to get to this stage. At this point I started pulling out all of the boxes and started un.packing and re.decorating, setting up the new space.

I didn't want to take the final photos until the old doors were installed in place of the french doors that originally came with the house. So, I'll be back with those photos next. Jon installed the old doors the weekend before last. are some layouts I made right before I packed up the old house and didn't have a chance to share yet.

Hoping your Friday and your weekend is fabulous!

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luv46kdz said...

Looks wonderful! I envy those who have their own place to create :)