Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hello love.

I say this phrase to my girls all the time and I would love believe that Debee Campos of Inspire Lovely was reading my mind when she made this fabulous stamp (even though I know that is simply not the case!)

it's been awhile, but I promise for good reason. Feeling good, feeling really good and grateful. So many things have been going on, it's almost to much to explain, but I'll give it a shot!
The end of January, actually the day after my last post here, we started packing up our old house while looking forward to the new one. We had lived in our old house for almost 7 years, so that was A LOT of going through things, purging, packing, debating but we got through it.
By mid-February we had signed papers on the new house and by March first, we were spending our first nights in the new house and were reminded why we had not moved sooner. We were in total disarray.

Photo of first night in the new house.

Then we took a look at our long list of things we wanted to do in order to make the house have a certain look and feel. Jon and I have always been big on a welcoming vibe. Anyone who dared to come over or knock on our door, would have a "come in, sit and stay awhile" feeling.
So, the work began. The entire house (even the ceilings were painted), furniture was built, cabinets were cut down and installed. Motorized shades, lighting control, it really has been an insane adventure but we are coming along at a steady pace. When we got the keys we walked into this blank canvas looking in from the foyer:

Looking from the kitchen into the studio....Oh, that light fixture had to go.....

This was our first night and I was thinking.....ummmm, I was too tired to think...but the whole house was painted and that lighting fixture was gone...

We did get my studio up and running, that was an entire weekend itself, minus the old doors we hung this past weekend. I'll be sharing that soon. With all of the new, revamped spaces we have been working on I decided this little blog space needed a face lift too. Hoping you like it as much as I do. As a mom, who works full time, has two very busy kids, trying to balance everything, I'm so grateful that you stop by. I know your time is so valuable and there are 1 billion other blogs that you could read. So, thank you for sticking around.
I have had a couple of weekends to get busy in my new space. Here is my latest Project Life spread using the new Teresa Collins Summer Stories Collection (which is super fun!)

The set of washi tape in this collection is to die for.
This weekend we are taking a little hiatus from working on the house. There is still so much more to share. I will be here a lot more frequently. pinky promise!
Thanks for stopping by.


luv46kdz said...

Hi Dedra! Congrats on your new home :) Funny but the fixing, arranging, and re-doing never ends whether your home is 2 years old or 123 like mine, and the thought of moving is long gone for us. Hubby says he's only leaving in cuffs or carried out feet first, lol!

Love that stamp! And love your creations. Putting the pics right into sectioned pages is something I've been wanting to do but haven't tried yet. I even have the pages and album sitting in a bag in my scrap closet!

Good to "see" you again :)


AntiqueChase said...

Hi Dedra~
Congrats on the new house. Good to see your blog post. Marcy