Saturday, April 27, 2013

almost one year....

later and I just finished a little minibook for Shelby's Sweet 16 that was last May. I find that sometimes I'm super motivated to get a project done and then other times it can sit in the studio for a year or more until I actually get it done.
Last year I had Shelby's friends write to her in a Smash book, thinking that I was going to use that to document her birthday. Well, then I changed my mind and I moved on from that idea. Then, I got stuck because I still wanted to keep the original notes from her friends but I didn't want to use the Smash book.
So, it sat. While I was unpacking the studio and finding all of the memorabilia I had kept I decided it was time to get it done (and the fact that she will be 17 in less than 30 days), yikes!

I tore each letter from her friends out of the Smash book, cut them down as much as I could and arranged them in a little folder envelope of sorts. The "16" flowers came off of her cake.

The thing I love about using envelopes is you can always tuck more photos, notes, etc. into it.
The Maggie Holmes clipboard album was perfect for making this a little more interactive.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you weekend is/was fabulous!

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