Friday, January 25, 2013

texas book.

Last summer we went to Texas. I had not seen my Nannie (Grandma) in quite a few years. It's an 18 hour drive from our front door to hers. Jon had never been to the part of Texas I'm from. It only took 13 years but we finally planned it and took eleven days to spend there.
I was born in Dallas and lived in many of the surrounding cities. I spent some weekends and most of the summer at my Nannie's in Gun Barrel City on Cedar Creek Lake learning to ski and burning my feet on the black top roads. It was a sentimental trip for me for sure.

When we were packing for the trip I carried some basic supplies and a mini 3 ring binder so I could journal every night and have a place to keep all of the memorabilia I collected. Now, the minibook is complete and I love how it turned out. I used the new Teresa Collins He Said, She Said collection.

For the cover I used an old ceiling tin and wrapped it in a stitched garland with most of the circles topped with an enamel dot or a rhinestone. The base of patterned papers were cut at angles and stitched together. Prima's metal flowers gave the cover a more "rustic" feel. 

Each page represents each day we were gone and what we did that day. 

Day 1.
The first day was just driving. An 18 hour road trip for us as a family. We all woke up early and hit the road. As we made it to the other side of El Paso Jon, Shelby and I had our iphones out and were listening to all kinds of music on each others phones. It wasn't long before we came across "Bennie and the Jets". It reminded Shelby of the movie 27 Dresses and how we all thought we knew the words to the song, when in reality none of us did.
That led us to looking up the words and singing it correctly, including Ellie. In the end we were all singing this song at the top of our lungs. It really was memorable. Shelby still talks about it now. We arrived in Gun Barrel City at 1:40am and as Jon was parking the truck I noticed something on the grill. We noticed it was a bat and decided to take a look in the morning. 

Day 2.
The next morning we wanted to check out the grill of the truck and we found a large bat. Even Jon couldn't believe how big this guy was. The girls were checking him out and in the photo I caught Ellie's face in the reflection of the truck grill. After Jon removed the poor guy we got some flowers and donuts for Nannie and headed over to see her. We spent the day talking and catching up. Good times.

Day 3.
This morning we had waffles that were the shape of Texas, Jon and Shelby thought that was pretty cool. They tasted amazing. Nannie made 3 bean salad which Jon also loved (we now have the recipe for it). He and Nannie ate most of it themselves. I was not a fan of it growing up. We ended up swimming and looking at the lake I learned to water ski on.

Day 4.
We said goodbye to Nannie and as we headed out of town a truck was in front of us and lost the trailer he was towing. It turned out the guy's tow hitch was not properly attched to the trailer. What made it difficult for the guy was the boat that was on the trailer. When we pulled up no one was helping this guy and he was struggling to even get the trailer to move. So Jon jumped out and starting helping this guy. After a few minuted others joined in to help. Shelby made the comment "this is great, seeing others help each other". 

Day 5.
Our first day in San Antonio visiting Michael, Kelly and Sophie. It's also Father's Day. Since planning the trip I thought it would be fun to have Jon and his brother share Father's Day together with their families. We were all together, giving the guys thier handmade gifts. The girls and I gave Jon hand drawn coffee mugs and cards. We spent the day hanging out and around 1 am we were sitting out in the backyard at the guys decided to do some BB gun shooting toward the shed. Good "brother" time. 

Day 6.
What an amazing day. We went to Kelly's doctor appointment and I was chosen to go in with Michael and Kelly to find out if they were having a girl or a boy. It was very emotional and joyful. I realized that until my children have children I may not experience this again. We found out that we were going to have a nephew. We ended the day doing some more possum shooting in the backyard during the wee hours of the morning. 

Day 7.
We had breakfast at the Magnolia Pancake House. Ummm, these people have perfected the breakfast menu. Hands down the best. After breakfast Jon, the girls and I headed to Gruene. This is the home of the oldest dance hall in Texas. This is were legends like George Strait got their start. The floors, dance hall, well the entire building is original. I stood on the dance floor next to a license plate from the year I was born and took a pitcure. when my mom saw the photo she informed me that her and my dad took dance lessons on the very floor before I was born. I had no idea. So grateful for the stories that come out of no where.

Day 8.
We went to the Pearl District for lunch. The restaurant we ate at had little coat hangers that sat next to the tables. I thought it was funny because you couldn't put coats on them and it is June in Texas, warm weather. So I asked the waiter what they were for and he told me that when ladies put their purses on the floor the spirits take things out of them through the floor. He told me the whole story about spirits and how I needed to hang my purse from the coat rack stand that was next to the table. 
Very interesting.
I also got a "four" tattoo on my wrist. Something of great significance that I had been planning to do on this trip. I'll have to record the story behind that and share later.

Day 9.
Michael and Kelly take us to an unforgettable restaurant called dough. The wait was well worth it. They are known for the most amazing pizza known to man. I have to agree, it was like nothing I had tasted before. If we lived in San Antonio it would be on our date night list of places to go.

Day 10.
We spent together as a family visting the Alamo and taking a ride down the riverwalk. The girls had a blast visiting a learning about the rich history that surrounded the area. 

Day 11.
We headed home. On the way back it was only a 14 hour drive. We ran into some weather in Benson Arizona. Soon after the clouds started to clear. I have to say the skies in the desert right after a storm are beautiful. Glad to be home. 

Such a great trip as a family. 
Now, we have major and exciting changes on our horizon. I will be sharing more of that adventure soon. Hope your Friday is fabulous!



Rebecca said...

WOW, seriously gorgeous photos, stunning book. You truly rocked the TC collection -- it is perfection here. and that cover?! Uh-MA-ZING.

Lisa said...

Hi there, dear lady! What an amazing album! I also love the one featured on Teresa Collins' site of your daughter's birthday. Your talents always inspire me!!! Hope all is going well in your world!