Thursday, November 29, 2012

the decorations....

went up on Friday and Saturday while watching Santa Claus 2 and 3 (not sure why I didn't watch the first one, lol!) With the weather being over 80 degrees this weekend I needed all of the Christmas motivation I could handle. Every year at this time Jon and the girls know the decorations come out and go up. I was able to remind Jon of a little good news, this will be the last time he has to put lights on a two story house. Next year we will be in our new one story house. So many things to look forward to next year.

After many years of decorating, putting vignettes together and feeling as though I have no real direction or one thing I love to decorate Christmas with, this year it hit me. Last year I bought a bunch of bottle brush trees and I have one big Christmas tree and two smaller ones on the other side of the living room. 
I was looking around a decided I needed more, more trees of every shape and size. Later on, Jon and I were talking and I told him "I found my thing, my staple" for Christmas decorating. Trees!
He was like o.....k.....?
So, we went out and got 21 more bottle brush trees!

I love this photo of Jon holding Ellie as she put the star on top of the tree. A little moment, captured! Wishing you the best holiday season!

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Doreen Vasquez said...

That bottom picture is fabulous! The lighting of it makes it so beautiful and of course the subject! I have pics of my hubby and daughter doing that too! Definitely a moment captured! :0)