Monday, October 22, 2012

halloween decor....

Here is a peek at some of the Halloween decorations inside the house. This year I couldn't wait to open the tubs (even though I was late in doing so). It took some time to lay everything out, refresh my mind with what I already had.

My mom has been really wonderful the last couple of years of bringing bottles over to me, that I can use for decoration.

I also wanted to add some more rats and the addition of skeletons. This is the first year I wasn't concerned about adding certain elements. In years past I wasn't sure if Ellie would be scared by skeletons hanging out in the house. It's one thing to see them in stores vs. Ellie seeing them as she eats her morning breakfast. lol!

The black birds and outside spider sacks are from last year, always a favorite of mine. My family knows I like to be very festive, so my got me this cute owl. Next year, I'm thinking about adding some more owls to my collection of decor.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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