Wednesday, August 08, 2012

It's over....

summer that is. Monday, Shelby started her Junior year and Ellie entered the 4th grade. Seriously, summer is gone and I have been swimming in school supplies, back packs, high school textbooks, and everything in between. The girls looked so much more grown up to me this year, but I know when I look back at these at the end of the school year, I'll see how much more they have changed and grown. (Good thing I washed Ellie's outfit, this seems to be her favorite right now since she just wore it to go shopping on Saturday!)

My mom and the girls, including one of Shelby's good friends pleaded that I go clothes shopping with them. Anyone who knows me, knows that I loathe, and I mean loathe clothes shopping. I didn't like it growing up and nothing has changed. I feel bad for my girls, but on the other hand they are both surrounded by grandma's and friends that love to shop just like they do. Our girls are so much like my mom and mother-in-law, girly girls. In the end, I caved and went with them and I'm glad I did, not only would I have missed spending time with them but I would have missed getting these.

This summer, here in Arizona, we have had some pretty crazy monsoons (or haboobs, which the national meteorologists call them). I took this photo while I was on the last stretch of my six mile bike ride, thinking I could still beat it. If that last light would have turned green a little quicker I think I still could have beat it. Jon and my mother-in-law happened to be coming back from the store and saw me, and immediately knew they had to pull over and pluck me out of the dust I was eating.

In other news this is what I have been working on recently.

More on this, soon.

Hoping your week is fabulous!


Serene said...

Wow! That's some storm. Lucky they were there to rescue you. Nice pics of the girls and that's a great idea for the iPhone.

Staci said...

Wow! That storm looks crazy! Thanks for sharing your pics and LO. :-)

Cheri Piles said...

Your daughters are gorgeous Dedra!! What a storm!! Crazy wild! ✿

Helen McLaughlin said...

I found your blog through Roundtable and am really enjoying it. I was just curious if the polka dot shirts were planned, or a happy accident? :-)

Dedra Long said...

Yeah, we have had some crazy storms. Thanks Cheri, they are growing so fast. I can't believe Shelby will be a Senior next year.
Hi Helen! So glad you found my little space! You know I did not even notice the polka dots until you said something. Our girls go to school an hour apart, so I totally missed it. So, I guess a happy accident! :)