Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love....

my iphone. Everyone at work had one before me and I wasn't sure I wanted to switch over from Blackberry, but Jon surprised me with mine last fall. I will admit the iphone is everything, everyone said it was. I can't imagine not having one now, especially with the camera capabilities it has. 
I also love paper, it really is an addiction of mine. Most of the time, if I really like a piece of patterned paper I will buy multiple sheets of it so I don't feel bad about cutting into it because I have a back-up sheet. 
Some patterned papers I love so much that I could carry them around with me and look at them all day, which brings me to iphones and patterned paper. 
I have clear case, so I decided to spruce it up a little bit and design a cover for my case. 
Here is what my iphone looked like before:

Here is what the template looked like before I put it into the case:

I used one of my favorite Teresa Collins Sweet Afternoon papers, one of my favorite stamps and then I stitched a die cut cardstock piece. I'm already thinking of other embellishments I could use to create more covers. Something like stickers, rub-ons, a combination of paper and photos, more stitching, etc.
Here is what my iphone looks like now:

Super fast, super fun and I love that I can switch it out whenever I come across a new paper that I love. 
For the clear case you can go to and search model number 8049. I paid .86 cents for this cover, a smoking deal!

Right now I'm getting ready to attend CHA with the team. We will be filming, taking photos of the latest releases, projects that catch our eye and we will be posting them live! It will almost be like you are right there with us. Starting Tuesday, July 17th, go here for the details to be apart of the action! 

I hope you have a fabulous and creative weekend! 


Cheri Piles said...

Love this project Dedra!! I'm going to have to go get a clear case now!! How fun!!

Sugar Muffin... said...

Gorgeous!! I love this and am itching to try my own, great idea :)