Thursday, May 03, 2012

a sweet afternoon....

together layout for Teresa Collins. I'm still loving the Sweet Afternoon Collection. I don't know about you, but I love to journal on all of my pages and projects. Whenever I'm looking at paper I always turn each one over to see if one side happens to have any sort of lines or ledger on them. While I love to journal on my layouts and projects I have a huge phobia when there are no lines on the paper.
Weird, right?
So, whenever I see a collection that has at least one side with lines or ledger I get super excited.

Stitching is also a favorite.

These girls are the best of friends and have been since Freshman year. It's a funny thing, High School, sometimes after you graduate you and your friends loose touch. You go different directions. I have my 20 year reunion next year (yikes) and just recently through Facebook and other social media I have been able to re.connect with some of the closest friends I had in High School. Back then, Facebook did not exist, let alone smart phones, etc.
So, with technology being so advanced and the tools to be able to stay connected, I have a strong feeling most of the girls will share life long friendships. 

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