Tuesday, April 24, 2012


On more than one occasion Jon and I have discussed him being a California boy and me being a Texas girl. In the conversation we have also discussed the fact that if we would have met during high school we never would have given each other a second glance.
He was a guy that wore rolled up jeans (which was in style then), moccasins, a tank top and drove a Ranchero. He also graduated five years ahead of me.
I was a country girl, through and through. Wrangler jeans, Rocky jeans, cowboy boots, belt buckles, straw and felt hats. Looking at my Senior pictures now, is well, quite an experience. I still have all of my belt buckles, I have cowboy boots, etc. So, like they say, you can bring the girl to the city, but you can't take the country out of the girl.
Jon has been to Texas once and it wasn't the part where I grew up. My Nannie (grandma) lives in Gun Barrel City and that is where I spent my summers. Black top roads, freeze pops, the lake, catching fire flies, etc. Well, sometime this Summer we will be headed to East Texas where I grew up.

With all that said, I was shocked when Jon not only got a cowboy hat, but then (I asked him nicely, thinking he would more than likely say no, thanks honey) if he would let our friend Jessica take a photo of him in his cowboy hat. To me, there is something about a cute man in a cowboy hat (kinda like a guy in a uniform). I couldn't believe it when he said "sure".

So, in all my excitement I created this layout about him and our occasional conversation about the two of us and high school.
This layout for me, was a little out of my comfort zone. We have two girls and I love creating elegant, classic looking pages. But, I also have to say I loved the Follow Your Heart collection from My Minds Eye featuring the designs of Rhonna Farrer.

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