Monday, October 10, 2011

This time....

every year we decorate the house in anticipation of our annual pumpkin carving party. Over the years the party has become something our family looks forward too. Inviting friends and family over for Chili, cornbread and carving pumpkins. Decorating this year, I wanted to create poison and potion bottles. My mom and I started saving up bottles that family and friends were giving us. I used water and food coloring, then scattered the bottles throughout different vignettes in the house. In the end I had more bottles than I needed and they were free (which is an awesome price). 
I then used this cute paper from Teresa Collins for my bottle labels. The great thing about this paper is I can use it for invitations, treat bags for our party, home decor and of course a Halloween scrapbook page. Super versatile. 

I even put some poison bottles in our downstairs bathroom for guests. 

As Jon and I were cooking dinner, we noticed Ellie had found the camera, which was still on its tripod. She was snapping a picture then moving the camera and snapping more. I was curious to download the photos and take a look at her perspective. This shot was among many that caught my attention. I loved the spider legs. 
Now, I'm thinking of making some rosettes with the Teresa Collins Haunted Hallows Collection to hang around the house for a little added "pop". Hope your Halloween is spectacular!



Magic(k)al Melissa said...

The picture of your living room, with the sofa and the shelf above it, has got to be one of the most beautiful pictures of a home I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for sharing this...this is my inspiration. It makes me think of a warm, cozy home, preparing for a cold winter!

Serene said...

What a wonderful idea and what a great look it gives your rooms. Very nice, indeed.