Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Last 36 of 36.

Ellie starts her horseback riding lessons on Thursday so we went to get one of the last things she needs, a riding helmet. There is one place in particular we go called Desert Saddlery. Tom and Melissa are so wonderful and honest about the purchases you make and what you need to invest in and the things you really don't have to have. Ellie had such a great time with the helmet fitting and she chose the Legacy in Ruby. The one they had on the floor was not adjusting properly so they are going to pull one from their warehouse. Before we left Ellie and I were looking at belts and buckles. She really loved this one and it was the only one they had left on the rack. It reminded me of my first belt and buckle buying experience.
Some of the belts I saw were crystal studded, fancy and super girly looking and I never liked those. Ellie is just like me I found out. She doesn't like all the really studded belts either. Now, I have someone to pass all of my belts and buckles too eventually. Ellie has not taken this belt off, she even wears it around her night gown until she goes to bed.

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