Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last 36 of 36.

We have been having all sorts of issues with the pathfinder. Jon and I have been looking for the next vehicle. My parents have always owned at least one Chevy for as long as I can remember. Right after high school I bought a Chevy myself, then I got married, found out I was pregnant which lead to my ex-husband trading in my Chevy and surprising me with a Nissan Altima (my first of three).
Being from Texas, my love of trucks and American cars lead us to this fabulous truck. Jon has always known that if I could have any vehicle it would be a Chevy truck. We got it and saying that I love it would be a gross understatement. Shelby was not to fond of the truck because she has no idea how she is going to learn to drive it.
While we were talking about it, I told her she had two great choices. If she can drive the Chevy, she can drive anything and if she drives Jon's car she can learn to drive a stick (manual). I think it would be great to drive a stick, I learned when I was her age and I have found it to be quite useful.
So, we will see which avenue she chooses. Meanwhile, I could have not asked for a better truck!

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