Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Last 36 of 36....

Our Sunday ritual. While cooking and eating our Sunday breakfast we watch the CMT Top 20 Countdown. We talk about songs we like, dislike and everything in between. I have listened to country music all my life and I know the reason I like country music is because each song more times than not, has a story, that more times than not I can relate too. My girls have the same love of country music as I do and I have noticed that when we are watching the countdown some songs spark deep conversations, especially with Shelby. We are so grateful that she feels comfortable talking to us about anything, even her relationships.
She will ask us, even Jon, why "boys" sometimes act the way they do. How should she handle situations, etc.
So, thank you country music for the gift of story and sparking conversations that keep our family close and growing together.


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