Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Last 36 of 36.

The first time my mom has actually sat down and scrapbooked happened on Saturday. She has two albums she would like to get done and give as gifts. At one point she came into the room and told me she loved me, loved everything I have ever made for her and she had no idea the work, creativity, thoughtfulness that went into this hobby of scrapbooking. She had a new appreciation. We started from scratch with a box full of photos, separating them, figuring out how the album would start, the title page, etc.
It was also the first time mom and I spent time together like this in the studio, we have made headbands and other things she has asked me to show her.
This was long overdue and we loved it, even while surrounded by teenagers, Ellie and Jon going in and out of the studio. Special times we should have started long ago.


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Serene said...

How very special for you that must have been to spend time with your mom in your studio. What a wonderful memory that will become. I hope it is the first of many creative sessions together for you two.