Monday, August 08, 2011

Hello to the first day of school....

Wow! Summer has come to an end already? The girls had their first day this morning. Every year I get a photo of them on the first day and last day of school. This is the second year where Shelby has been in High School and Ellie is Elementary School with each school having different start times. This was a challenge again this year trying to get a photo with both of them together on the first day. It just didn't happen and that's ok.

Shelby this morning:

Shelby has traveled more this summer than I have my entire life. She took all the locations she traveled to and from, then added up the miles between the destinations and the grand total for her traveling miles broke down like this: Phoenix to Maui and back=5678 miles. Phoenix to San Diego and back=710 miles.. Times 3. Phoenix to Columbus=1667 miles. Columbus to Myrtle Beach and back=1202 miles. Columbus back to Phoenix=1667 miles. Total miles traveled this summer= .......23,700 miles. 
Why must there be school tomorrow?!
Saying that she likes to travel might be an understatement. 

Ellie this morning:

So excited to see her friends this morning that she left me as I waited for Jon to park the car and holding bags of school supplies for the teacher. She also introduced herself to a new girl in her class that moved here from Louisiana. She made another friend and was happy to help the "new" girl feel not so nervous. Before we knew it, Ellie and all of her friends were making the new girl feel right at home. 

A good morning for the first day of school, indeed. Being back into a routine, creating in the studio and blogging feels good. 
Wishing you a fabulous week! 

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