Thursday, July 07, 2011


Around our home and beyond, having little epiphanies as I go. The studio has been a mess. Getting ready, purging, cleaning for a scrapbook garage sale. We have nailed down a date and time for the scrapbooking garage sale.  It will be this weekend July 9th starting a 8:00am and if anything is left we will re-open on the 10th starting at 8:00am. If you live in the area and your interested please shoot me an e.mail at and I will send you the address.  :-)
I have noticed the last couple of years, that I do "spring cleaning" in the Summer instead of the Spring. Spring in Arizona is beautiful and you need to spend as much time outside as possible. By the time Summer gets here it's well over 100+ degrees and you can't be outside unless your in a swimming pool. I'm good with doing all of my "spring cleaning" in the Summer. 

Driving a teenager and her friends here, there and everywhere. Enjoying these last few months with Shelby before she gets here driving permit around Thanksgiving and her driver's license shortly after. The thought of her driving terrifies me, but I know that this is the first step in many that will happen over the next few years, of me letting go a little at a time and having faith in the smart, beautiful girl we raised and her abilities to make the best decisions she can. Oh dear. 

Fourth of July. Dinner and making red, white and blue tie-dye shirts at Jon's sister's house. Homemade ice cream. Sparklers with Jon and the girls. Shelby having her friends over for a sleepover. Ahhh. Summer. 

Summer Monsoons. One minute the sun is shining, it's extremely hot and humid. The next you see a massive wall of dust and sand headed your way with a few minutes of clam before the wall hits, the wind so bad that it shakes the window screens on your house. So much sand and dust that the sun shine has turned to complete darkness and it looks like it's the middle of the night. My family moved here in 1991 and monsoon season never fails to fascinate me. 

I hope your Summer so far has been spectacular. 

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luv46kdz said...

See, now in so cali, we don't get much weather at all, and being an native of the east coast I miss that sometimes. Monsoons must be something with those giant drops! We're a bit closer to the desert being near Palm Springs and dread the 110-115 degrees that will come in August.

As they grow and get more independent, part of me says yeah, more freedom for me and another part cries for what has passed. I still have 3 under 13 so I have a ways to go before they all drive.