Sunday, June 12, 2011

week 50: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 6.4.11

The morning after we got back from Maui, Shelby's friends surprised her. She had no idea that they were coming over, Jon and I were sworn to secrecy. She was still as sleep when they headed toward her room. She couldn't believe they were there holding a sign they made her and they also came with silly string they sprayed her with. They ended up hanging out in the backyard with coffee and some fruit, talking and catching her up on anything she missed. Good times for Shelbs.

Sunday 6.5.11

This is what happens when you turn your camera on and realize that your daughters best friend has gotten a hold of your camera and taken a few self shots. or maybe Shelbs took this one. I haven't asked and I kinda like the way teenagers just go with the flow and have fun. A nice Sunday night surprise considering I was buried in laundry from Maui.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Kim Strother said...

Hey Dedra- Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I'm jealous! I so need a getaway! And Happy Birthday to Shelby...they grow up so fast. Mine just had her sweet sixteen, now we're on to learners permits! Yikes!
Hope we get to see some finished pages of the travel journal soon. I love your mini albums, they always inspire me!

luv46kdz said...

What a great trip Dedra! Nice shot out the plane window! We hope to bring the kids too, after our 23 yr old gets married this November we can plan for next yr...I hope :)

Here are my shots -