Thursday, May 26, 2011

week 48: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 5.21.11

Saturday morning. The smell of coffee I love but I cannot drink it so Jon and Shelby do. I have my diet coke, Ellie has juice and everyone proceeds with the weekend happy!

Sunday 5.22.11

Old letter stamps that I have fell in love again with. Finding old scrapbooking supplies in your stash and using them again is wonderful. Hmmmm. I wonder what else I could find. I'm using these for a vacation book I'm putting together.

Well. We are a few weeks away from having a year's worth of weekend photos and stories documented. How exciting, really! My plan is to create a book of my one weekend 2 shots posts. I have hears a lot of good things about Blurb. That is probably who I will use to create the book.
So, what will you do with all of your one weekend 2 shots photos and stories? I would love to hear and if you have missed a few entries this year that is totally fine. I would go ahead and celebrate the one's you did document.

Next up....a little peek at a Scrapbook on the Road book I will be taking with me and some of the scrapbooking supplies that will be going with us to Maui. Like Jon says "Scrapbooking Supplies will have to go in your suitcase." Needless to say "I will make room, who needs clothes anyway, right?"



Sara G. said...

I also want to make my blog posts into a printed book. I plan to mix "One Weekend 2 Shots" posts in with others.

luv46kdz said...

You sure get some great shots Dedra! You have insprired me greatly and always look at your blog for ideas. I can't believe a whole year has almost passed us. I can't wait to put my book together. I actually ordered the your story book binder from provocraft and will use that to put it together. I didn't miss one weekend! Thank you for doing this :)

Here are mine -


Adrianne said...

Are you going to continue this "one weekend 2 shots" into a new year? I have loved your shots and stories and was just thinking of starting my year.