Wednesday, May 18, 2011

week 47: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 5.14.11

The perfectly imperfect photo. I found myself looking down at my wedding bands, thinking, day dreaming just in the moment. Almost 10 years with these bands, all of the trials and tribulations, joy, laughter, pain, heart break. How I have grown into myself, as a wife, mother and everything in between. The other day Jon texted me "life is a roller coaster ride..I'm thankful for my peeps". How true.

Sunday 5.15.11

Welcome Summer. Jon and the girls got these Sunflowers for me and each one was big, bold and beautiful. Not much more you can ask for on a Sunday morning. 


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luv46kdz said...

Love the flower!! I keep them in my kitchen they are so cheery! So true about life :)

Here are mine -