Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Scrapbook on the Road....

I have to say, for me, creating a minibook and/or altered book while I'm on vacation is very different than coming home and creating one. I know that I feel and express the experiences differently while being in the moment of a vacation versus being at home and re-living them.
Hearing, smelling the beach as we wake up has been one of my favorite things about vacations in the past. Funny things family say when we are all together, games we play, places we go, dinners we cook, etc. telling these stories in the moment, for me, have been more descriptive, conveyed with more feeling and intimacy than after the fact.
For instance, we went to Lake Tahoe during Christmas and New Year's, I took a notebook with me and I religiously wrote down the activities of each day. I still have not finished putting the book together, which is totally Ok, but when I go back through my notes I know there might be little stories that are missing or a feeling in the words I choose to use. I will be re-calling from memory, instead of documenting the story in the here and now. While we were on vacation in Lake Tahoe I remember thinking "why didn't I just go ahead pack a minibook and a few supplies?" I regretted not doing so.
So, this trip will be different. I'm so excited for this adventure.

Here is a little peek at the pages I did before hand and the supplies that will be going with me.

Now that Ellie and Shelby are out of school I can use Ellie's old pencil holder to hold the essential supplies I'm taking with me. It's perfect. I'm designing the album cover when I get back. I have a few ideas but think I might use some memorabilia from the trip. I have a notebook with me so I will probably sketch out the idea on the plane ride home. 

I'm feeling adventurous so I decided to use this Tim Holtz stamp binder to hold a few journaling tags, stickers and stamps. A few glass bottles for sand and ziploc bags for shells from the beach. 

If this is something you might be interested in doing for your vacation this summer and your not sure where to start, Ali Edwards has a Scrapbook on the Road class. I have not taken the class myself but I have heard and read a lot of great things about it.

Here is how Ali describes her class:
PROJECT : A Scrapbook On The Road is simply a small album you put together prior to a trip that allows you to document your travels as you are experiencing them.
DESCRIPTION : Get inspired to create your own Scrapbook On The Road as a way to document your next trip. Whether traveling across town or around the globe, the ideas and concepts in this class can be easily adapted to your personal travel situation.Please note that this class is geared towards creating an album for an upcoming trip vs. telling the stories of past trips.
TECHNIQUES INCLUDED : Album preparation, tips for storytelling while you’re traveling, travel photography ideas, hunting + gathering while traveling, painting chipboard, mod podge/gel medium, creating pages from transparencies + fabric patterns + printable elements, working with what you have, going with the flow.
LEVEL : Beginner to advanced. Although this class does include some technique instruction and a steps for building an album, it’s really more about the process. Emphasis is on what to do before you leave, how to approach documentation while on your trip, and how to finish it up when you get home.
For more information and if you are interested in taking this self-paced class click here....
Here is to fabulous Summer vacations....


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