Sunday, April 17, 2011

week 43: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 4.16.11

One of Shelby's best friends had a birthday party Saturday. So, Shelby and I talked and we had some fun mother daughter time, I showed her the options she had in choosing what I could make as gifts for Aly. She settled on a bracelet and a flower ring. I pulled out the supplies and embellishments I had and she and I spent some time designing what I would put together. The bracelet and ring were a hit.

Sunday 4.17.11

Aahhh. My favorite number in the world. Nice and even, the number that represents Jon, the girls and myself. There is something special about this number and the feelings it brings. I love that this old sign of the number 4 is on the wall in my studio right next to where I create. If I'm sitting in the living room and the lights are on in the studio I can see it. It reminds me of our family and how lucky we are.

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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can you believe we're almost at 1 yr for this?!