Friday, April 22, 2011

this and that....

So many different things going on right now. This weekend looking forward to a friend/co.workers wedding. Date night after the reception with Jon. We still have not used our movie passes from Valentine's Day. We are going to see Water for Elephants. I love Reese Witherspoon, always have. Sweet Home Alabama resonates with me just like Steel Magnolias does. I cry every time I see Steel Magnolias, we own it and I have seen it 100+ million times. Shelby was named after Julia Roberts from the movie and I had forgotten about Mrs. Ellie being the "mom" in the TV Show "Dallas". What can I say I was born in Dallas and grew up in Texas watching the show. So, I guess it was in my sub.conscious.

Sunday is brunch with the family and then church service. Wishing y'all a wonderful Easter Sunday with friends and family. I'll leave with two recent layouts about best friends and a girl that loves horses.

I love hidden journaling tags, they are such a surprise and super fun for the person looking.
Shelby and Hanna, her best friend....these two are inseparable most days.

Our little girl was in heaven, so much so that it looked like her heart was going to explode. Like an old Texas saying, my cup runneth over. She was a natural in every way and we were so happy that Grandma was there for the trail ride with us. It would have been one thing to tell Grandma in California about it and another thing for her to actually be there. We loved the latter, her being with us. 

Happy Easter! 

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