Thursday, March 24, 2011

week 39: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 3.19.11

This afternoon, after lots of computer work, we all went for a bike ride to Starbucks. I think the only reason Shelby went was for the Starbucks, lol! I'm not sure but I think it is at least 2 miles one way to get there. Jon riding a fixed wheel bike and myself on a cruiser gives me a really good work out trying to keep up with him. He leaves me in the dust even though I never stop peddling.
Ellie and I are always the slowest at eating or drinking anything. So, when Jon and Shelby were ready to leave Ellie and I were not done. Since her and I order the same thing she poured hers into my cup and of course her straw was apart of the deal.
On the way back it got really windy and of course we were going against it. We stopped for a Fresh and Easy grocery run and then headed home with grocery bags hanging from the handle bars.

Sunday 3.20.11

I love glass jars and containers. They are all over the house, especially downstairs. I will admit though, it is alot of work cleaning these bad boys. There is also a delicate balance between washing and then drying them so there are no streaks. They can't be too wet or too dry. In our busy house, time definitely needs to be set aside. Long live glass containers!


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