Thursday, February 10, 2011

week 33: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 2.5.11

During the week, when I get home I try not to get on the computer unless it is homework related for the girls. I'm tapped out. Recently, I have noticed a little rut I'm in on the weekends, I'm not as productive as I want to be. At work, I see amazing new products everyday and I my mind races with endless possibilities. When I can, I jot down a quick thought or note to myself, so I can remember the idea later. 
By the time the weekend rolls around I have a list but I feel lost. I feel disconnected, un-motivated, maybe overwhelmed by all of the things I would like to do. 
I know I must clean and reconnect with my space. The time has come. On a positive note I have gathered more goodies, enough that I can have another scrapbook garage sale. 
Maybe the spring cleaning bug is kicking in. 

Sunday 2.6.11

Last week Jon mentioned that he would like to learn more about photography and large prints. Well, this was unexpected. I thought maybe he was just thinking about it and would then move onto something else. Not so much. He has been looking at photography books at Barnes and Noble. It really is funny that after all of this time he wants to explore this hobby. In our house, I especially love the shots of the girls on our walls. I do have shots of local places like The Coffee Shop, the silos and little cities that are close to us like Miami AZ. Jon likes the scenic, outdoor plant photos I'm finding out. 
So, on Sunday Jon says lets take a drive. We ended up going to Tortilla Flats near Canyon Lake and it was beautiful, as always. I took this shot after Jon found a little "turn out" spot on the road. I remember when I would do crazy things to get a good shot and Jon thought it was funny and couldn't understand why I would do such things. Now, he is starting to "see" through the lens and will do some of the same things to get the angle he needs. Good times. 
Maybe....I will post a one weekend 2 shots - Jon's edition. You can have your significant others join in too. 

Wishing you the best weekend! 


Sue Down said...

can so related to the rut thing! I spend way to much time on my laptop and not enough being creative. Hope to change that soon. But with its quite easy to get hooked!!

Crystal Thomas said...

I totally understand about not getting on the computer after getting off work an on the weekends. I don't want to get on my computer just because I need more memory.

ms.schwiet said...

i get those blocked feelings too. nice that there will be a related household hobby.

luv46kdz said...

I here ya :) with me it's the wkends that are off limits though since that's when all are home. I keep my use to during the early week day.

Great shots, here are mine