Thursday, February 17, 2011


Valentine's Day. Got up early, made some coffee for Jon and Shelby. I had put Jon's card out the night before so he could stumble across it that morning. I placed Shelby's little gift bag in her bathroom in front of her mirror. I have learned with Shelby, being a teenager, if I want her to find something or get her attention put it in front of her mirror where she does her make-up. It works every time.
I put Ellie's little gift bag by her tooth brush. One of the gifts we got for the girls was a little puppy. Ellie has not put him down since. She named him "spot", he is a Dalmatian, or fire truck dog as she explained to me that morning. He also sleeps next to her. Shelby's dog sits by her mirror in the bathroom, with no mention of him really. I feel like I blinked and she has grown up. My mom said this would happen, but I refused to believe it then and here we are.
Jon gave me a card, the shutters and my favorite box of chocolate covered cherries (which I finished off last night), yummy....
I gave Jon a card as well and for a little fun I sent him a text every hour on the hour that told him something I loved about him. I did this until 10 pm. Early in the morning, I was sending them and my friend and co-worker Jess said: "Has he figured out what you're doing yet?"
me: "nope."
With the text I sent at noon, I got a reply that said: "What is going on? Is everything ok honey?"
So, I let him in on what I was doing and he loved the little messages I sent every hour.

When I got home from work there were cards and gifts waiting for us from my mom. The girls opened theirs up and everything wonderful. Jon and I open the card my mom left and on the front it says: Son and Daughter-In-Law....I read it again....showed it to Jon and he started laughing and saying how much he loved the card. How his status has moved up in the family and how my mom really loves him like a son, etc.
I thought she might have gotten the cards mixed up and this one should have gone to my brother. So, I opened it up and in her handwriting, it said: Jon and Dedra, etc. So the cards getting mixed up was not the case. Jon says "we need to call your mom".
We call mom and she doesn't believe us. I asked her if she was more focused on the dogs and did not read the front. We all were hysterically laughing at this point. She still did not believe us and asked us to take a picture of it and send it to her. We ended the phone call still laughing.

Good memories.

A sweet boy named Robbie serenaded Shelby with a song and his guitar asking Shelby to be his Valentine last week at a get together with friends. She was surprised because Valentine's Day was a little more than a week away.
She came home Monday afternoon and explained what Robbie had done for her that day. Every period or "hour" of school he left an orange (that he picked from a tree in his backyard) with a message on it. Each message said something that he liked about her. He also gave her flowers. It really was super cute and I thought it was funny how I kind of did the same thing with Jon but in a different way. I guess when you can't spend a lot of money you can get really creative and thoughtful with the gifts you give.

 I hope your day was spent with those you love.


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