Sunday, January 16, 2011

week 27: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 12.25.10

Merry Christmas! Christmas morning was wonderful. A brunch with Jon's family before we embark on packing for a trip we left for in the morning. Like 3am, in the morning. Ellie got a new bike Christmas morning and she could not wait to get home so she could ride it. She named her bike "Sally" and even though it's a little big for her, she seems to have mastered it. Jon and Shelby went for a ride with her and I love that Ellie is looking back at Jon, he is her safety net. My family, my loves.

Sunday 12.26.10

We were up at 3am and on the road bound for Lake Tahoe by 4am. It was a smooth ride with no delays, other than bathroom breaks, food and stretching our legs. I have never been to Lake Tahoe, but I have to say it's a little piece of snowy heaven on earth. The views are stunning. When we arrived Grandma and Grandpa B. had hot, yummy soup waiting for us. 
They also had gifts for the girls, including Hanna (one of Shelby's best friends that came with us on the trip). Grandma and Grandpa B. think of everything! So, when Grandma B. handed Jon and I our gift it was no surprise that they had a little challenge for us. A minute to win it challenge in a box. 
Inside this box were letters and numbers that were individually cut and mixed up, and in different colors. I guess having them in different colors was supposed to throw us off even more. We had 60 seconds to look at all the letters and numbers to figure out what our gift was. We were also allowed to have help from the girls. Grandpa was in charge of the clock. 
In the end, we figured it our with one second to spare. Thank goodness. 
It said: "Hawaii in 2011". 

We could not believe it. Hawaii here we come. Grandma and Grandpa B. are so generous and we love making memories with them. They are simply the best!


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