Saturday, January 15, 2011

week 26: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 12.18.10

I think I have finally talked Jon into making Christmas Candy every year. This year we had fun finding pretzel sticks, pretzel bites and then the little mini pretzels. We took the pretzel bites, covered some with white and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate bites became reindeer poop and the white chocolate bites became snowman poop. The reindeer poop was a HUGE hit with Shelby, she could not stop eating it. We topped our candy with crushed candy canes. I was extremely proud of myself, I only ate one piece, girl scouts honor!

Sunday 12.19.10

Everyone in our house now has guitars. Ellie got this one for her birthday, which was earlier that week. It is a purple princess one. Now, Jon and the girls are always playing together. It is something that he shares with the girls. That night Shelby had other plans, so it ended up being just Jon and Ellie. 
The other thing I love is, at any given moment I can be walking through the house and from one of the rooms I can hear guitars playing. Such a special thing to share and I'm sure this will be a childhood memory for the girls. Love it!


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Jenn said...

As always I love your pictures! What a great shot of Ellie and her dad, how neat that the girls have those special "guitar moments" to share with their dad>