Friday, January 14, 2011

week 25: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 12.11.10

Most of the time the weekends for Shelby are jammed packed and keeping up with her get crazy, this weekend was not exception. She had a cheer competition earlier that morning. It ended up being an all day event. The girls had just enough time to get home and then get ready for winter formal. They all looked stunning as usual. I have to say whenever I photograph these girls I'm always laughing and we always walk away smiling from ear to ear. Shelby will have life long friends. 
The relationships that I see her forming in high school is something I wish I had been more aware of when I was her age. She has known some of her friends for five years now. We moved to 2 different states during my high school years. 

Sunday 12.12.10

A day full of wrapping presents and filling the tree underneath. This afternoon Jon and I also wrapped birthday gifts for Ms. Ellie. Jon took her to pick out her birthday wrapping paper. We try to never wrap her birthday gifts in Christmas paper. Everyone needs a birthday separate from Christmas. Especially when you are turning eight. 


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