Saturday, January 08, 2011

Catching Up....

Wow! Is it really 2011 already? Happy New Year to y'all. What a whirlwind these few weeks have been. It seems as though I have been in a time warp. These last few weeks have been filled with well needed family time, play time and it has been quite magical. Lots of laughing.

I have not forgotten about one weekend 2 shots and I have a TON of photos from the last few weeks. I got a little side tracked with my 2010 December Daily, but I did write down the story I wanted to tell for each day. So, now it is printing the photos and putting it all together. Sweet!

The next few posts will be one weekend 2 shots "catch up".
My thoughts about one weekend 2 shots, after the first year is up, is to compile my photos and blog entries into a book. I honestly hope it turns out as cool as I think it will.

Here is our first photo of 2011. We were headed back home from Lake Tahoe and soon after we left the cabin the snow really started to come down. I could not stop taking photos of the snow (maybe because we live in Arizona and this is something that you just don't see). It was so beautiful. We were also very thankful for tire chains and a pathfinder with good tires.

Wishing you sweetness, love and nothing but the best in 2011.


jillconyers said...

Happy new year to you too. Beautiful capture.

Kim Strother said...

Wait, don't you live in Arizona??? What's with all the snow?? Happy New Year to you too Dedra. I miss you and all the paperclipping girls! xoxo- Kim (kdgirl)