Thursday, November 25, 2010

week 22: one weekend 2 shots and Wishing you and your family....

a wonderful Thanksgiving. With family gathering together from near and far, it is the perfect time to sit down and ask questions that will "spark" conversations about your family and its history.

There are several ways to capture the stories for later documentation. You could casually video tape them (if they are shy or that is intimidating, just point the video a different direction, or have the video camera on a tripod pointed in the general direction of where your family is located), you could use tape recorder (if they even exist anymore), you could write it down (this option may turn into a true labor of love).
Another way to "spark" conversations about your family history is to pass around pictures that you have questions about or you want the story behind the photo. Let the conversation grow and see where it leads.
You could also print some of these out, put them in a jar and pass the jar around. Each family member picks out a question and then answers. Kind of like a little family history game. Set the younger kids up with their own separate game.

Click here for a list of questions that could help you pin point some stories that you might like to know more about. From perspectives of family members, to traditions, etc. Have fun with it!

Since I have been a lame blogger this weekend. I'll leave you with my one weekend 2 shots from this last week.

Saturday 11.19.10

Some coffee filter and cupcake wrapper blooms I made last week and want to hang all over the house. Lovely!

Sunday 11.20.2010

Mom was over helping us map out the family trip to the cabin in Lake Tahoe. This is going to be SO much fun. I'm planning on creating a scrapbook on the road. Taking the essential supplies and a pre-made minibook foundation to work with. More on this later.

Much love to you and your families!


A Soldier Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

luv46kdz said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Here are my shots for 2 wks in a row-