Wednesday, November 03, 2010

week 19: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 10.30.10

The annual pumpkin carving party had another successful year. This is just a small fraction of the pumpkins that were carved. We had a house full of friends and family. Jon and I loved being surrounded by the people we love and not to mention the smells of the fall season. Chili and cornbread is the staple meal during the party. My mom made her 7-layer dip it was SO yummy. Thanks mom!

After the pumpkins were carved I would occasionally see Ellie filling this bottle with her pumpkin seeds. In the end she filled it completely to the top. I noticed she put water in there too for good measure.

Sunday 10.31.2010

This year Shelby was a baby along with her best friend Hanna. These girls are growing faster than the speed of light. Loved this picture. I'm in love with the jumping photos and I have seen them done everywhere and I guess I'm always the one that joins the party last. I have to get one of Shelby and Ellie next to hang in the house. 

Ellie was a black cat this year, complete with hissing and scratching. She played her role to the fullest. We went across the street to trick-or-treat (we have done this for five years now) and I have never experienced what we did this year. There was a teenager in a horrifying mask, a butchers apron with fake blood all over it and a real running chain saw. He was chasing young woman who running over people and screaming. Screaming like I have never heard before, well maybe except in the movies. 
Now, let me start by saying if he would have stayed in front of his house, he was at a Halloween party or it was later in the evening when the small children were not out, it would have been different. But, no he was running down different streets, started chasing cars and jumping on the running boards of trucks. All while running and revving this chain saw. 
I was even terrified so I called the police, because if he did not hurt someone else he was going to hurt himself eventually. The police patrolled the street and never actually saw him, but we did not hear the chainsaw again after that. We also headed back across the street and the chain saw guy was all Ellie could talk about. 
We assured her he was not real and it was a really good costume that even scared mommy. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween as for me I'm trying to resist the Halloween candy. ;-)


Serene said...

That's some great pumpking carving. I love how your shadows are on the wall above the pumpkins. What nice shots of the 3of you and of the girls. Oh and I loved your spider balls from the previous post. Would love to know how you did those.

luv46kdz said...

Great shots!!

Here are mine, I can't remember if I posted last weeks, so I'll do both :)

OWTS Nov 6-7

OWTS Oct 30-31