Sunday, October 24, 2010

week 17: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 10.16.10

Today I got started on an old book wreath. I know this is a concept that I have seen a lot from Pottery Barn to designers and everyone in between but I loved it and have not had time to really sit down and create one. This one is 16" and took longer than the average 10" to 12" wreath. It was SO worth it when I hung it on our door. There is a local boutique that is coming up right before Thanksgiving that I have submitted to and hope to be apart of. I want to sell these wreaths, vintage rings that I have shared here on my blog before, vintage flower brooches (that I'm wearing myself all the time).

Sunday 10.17.10

I also want to offer these at the boutique. Old book page centerpieces and/or scones that you can hang on your wall. I'm also toying with the concept of old book page pom poms that can hang from the ceiling. I have not seen those done yet and I think it would be quite fabulous. I love having this centerpiece on our table, it adds such a unique touch.

Whew! I can't believe we are right around the corner from Halloween and October is already almost over. Sending you crafty good thoughts! Be back with this weekends shots tomorrow. Gotta get working on some more brooches this afternoon.


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Kathy Floen said...

Dedra! Your wreath and centerpiece are breathtaking! :) You are alway an inspiration. :)