Tuesday, October 12, 2010

week 16: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 10.9.10

Saturday afternoon was spent with Shelbs and I putting up the spiderwebs together. She had been at a sleepover the night before and as soon as her and I walked through the door she said: "Mom, I love our home. I love the way it smells and how it feels. Just being home." This put a very big smile on my face. Good times spent together as mother and daughter. 

Sunday 10.10.10

Fresh strawberries bright and early on a Sunday morning. Jon and I also had a great Harley ride. It was beautiful weather here in Arizona. Sunday ended with dinner at my sister-in-laws and decorating tombstones. We also gave out the invitations for our annual pumpkin carving party. We are SO looking forward to having some messy fun with family and friends. 

I'm busy getting ready to submit an entry submission to a boutique event in November. I would love to sell some of the rings I have been making along with a couple of other things. Special little handmade gifts that you could give loved ones for the holidays. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week. 

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luv46kdz said...

I owe you some shots! As always your pics are awesome. The lighting is fantastic. I have yet to master that.

Oct 2nd-3rd

Oct. 9th- 10th

Oct. 16th-17th

Paula :)