Sunday, September 12, 2010

week 12: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 9.11.10

This shot was taken right before Jon and I took a Harley ride to dinner for my birthday. I love our shadows in this photo. To some it might be imperfect, but to me....perfection.
I really wanted to hear some live music and dance a little. We did just that, spending time together, going on a real date and we had a fabulous dinner. Jon is going to BBQ and we will have family over on Tuesday (my actual birthday).

Sunday 9.12.10

Now, the studio has been cleaned and re-organized, I can finally get a little creative time in. It is a nice change of pace. Next will be the garage sale! lol....

Yesterday, Jon and I were watching the history channel and the 9-11 documentaries. We knew exactly where we were and what we were doing at the time of the attacks. My brother-in-law lived in Washington DC at the time. The documentaries we saw put names and faces to the most horrific events we have ever witnessed. I realized yesterday that the 9-11 attacks was the "Pearl Harbor", "JFK assassination" etc. for my generation (or at least to Jon and I).
Thank you to all of the men and women who defend our country everyday and future threats of terrorism.

During this time of year I also remember a wonderful friend that passed away. She was a fellow scrapbooker and I miss her funny, witty, fabulous e.mails and conversations. You can still visit her blog, it is just as she left it. You can find it here.

Wishing you a wonderful evening!

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luv46kdz said...

Well I hope your ride was a good one! Love the lighting in your shots, just spectacular Dedra.

As a native N.Yer, whose hubs and bro are retired NYPD 911 will always be in my mind. I will never forget my dad saying the ash went to Brooklyn and that they knew it contained peoples remains. My bro was on recovery for weeks. My hubs partner's bro was in the heli that filmed it and was in the paper and news this past spring with some new photos.

Here are my shots -

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