Sunday, August 15, 2010

week 8: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 8.14.2010

There is nothing like a Harley ride bright and early on a Saturday morning. Breakfast in Superior and we eventually ended up riding to Miami, AZ. The USA is SO beautiful from the back of a bike, holding onto my husband!

Sunday 8.15.2010

I love the drawings I find from Shelby after she has been on the phone with friends. She loves drawing while talking. Little things I will miss in a few years when she is in college.

I hope your weekend was fantastic.


luv46kdz said...

Love em, the doodle is great! You have mucho gravitas lady, hubs had a bike many many moons ago back in the very early 80's and I would hang on like my life was gonna end!

My shots -

One Weekend Two Shots

Rosann said...

you were already cool, but the harley shoots that cool factor way up :) great photo