Sunday, August 29, 2010

week 10: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 8.28.10

Started cleaning out and re-organizing the studio. Re-discovering all of the things I love about capturing and documenting the journey of our lives. Working on one altered book of a short trip we took in March of this year. I also want to finish a wood mini book I have been working on. This mini book is based around the last 34 days of my 34th year. Another great way to use your blog, as a journal. I'll be sharing these two projects very soon. ;-)

Sunday 8.29.2010

There is a grouping of glass jars that I love having in our family room. Two jars are filled with gaffer tape (love that stuff). One is filled with jeweled photo frames that have Shelby and Ellie in them. The last one is filled with old wood blocks that have our initials and the number 4 on them. I have always loved the number 4. It is the number of members in our family, it is an even number and I'm just drawn to it for some reason. It is a comfortable number to me. Having all of our initials is important to me, it makes everyone in our family feel special.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Great shots Dedra. I love the way you "see" the shot before you take it!
Here's mine

luv46kdz said...

You really are something! what kind of camera do you have, the colors are just so sharp and gorgeous, I feel as though I can touch them. Mine -

One Weekend Two Shots