Sunday, July 25, 2010

week 5: one weekend 2 shots

Saturday 7.24.2010

I loved the colors in Ellie's dress and for creative types (like ourselves) this is free color inspiration for our layouts, projects, etc. Gotta love summer!

Sunday 7.26.2010

I remember when we found this old typewriter. It is originally from Arizona State University, I have no idea from what year. It was so heavy and Jon carried it through downtown Mesa in order to get it into the car. Oh, how I love it so, sitting in my studio. Now, I just need a fresh ribbon for it, which is also in downtown Mesa. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 


Serene said...

I learned to type on that kind of a typewriter back in 7th grade. Oh man, do I feel old.

Lisa said...

How awesome is that typewriter! Great shot. Love the colors in Ellie's dress... I can see why you took that picture.

Tere said...

Sorry I'm late!

Awesome pictures Dedra. I specially love the typewriter!

HERE!!! are my pictures. I know is Tuesday, but couldn't post them before!

luv46kdz said...

Wow, these shots aren't just good, they're great! What hot colors in the dress they just pop right off the screen. You are some talent Dedra :) Here are mine -

One Weekend Two Shots