Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 3: One Weekend 2 Shots

Saturday 7.10.2010

Everyday I drive passed fields and fields, acres and acres of corn. This morning was no exception. I started thinking on the way to breakfast, as the corn grows, sometimes it feels like the stalks were not there and you blink and there they are, so tall you can no longer see the parallel roads you once did before. This is one of the things I love about living outside of the city, the agriculture. The way you can smell the rain before it actually reaches you, and for that matter how fresh and clean it smells after the rain is gone. Who knew the Arizona desert could be farmed, lol?

Is there something you notice and drive passed everyday? Why did you notice it and why do you love it? So many stories to be told, so little time lovlies! 
Can't wait to see everyone's weekend photos!!



Tere said...

Dedra, I love your picture!!!

Across the street from my home, there used to be a field; now there is an open shopping center. I love the convinience of the stores, but I sure miss the field.

Mi pictures for this weekend: July 10-11

Serene said...

Nice picture, Dedra.

What a great idea this is and I'd like to join in, please.

luv46kdz said...

I love this shot. Great view!

Mia Sogni Dolci