Sunday, July 04, 2010

Week 2: One Weekend 2 Shots

Sunday 7.4.2010

Happy Fourth of July!  Today and tonight is one of those times that we gather as families. Some to BBQ, some to enjoy fireworks and others to do both. We will grab our cameras to capture our families and festivities. I know for me, I still have to work at getting photos of fireworks. 
A few years ago my friend, Noell from Paperclipping, posted some pointers and links to articles on capturing tricky photo situations such as sparklers and fireworks. 
If you have some extra time today, check out the blog post here.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Fourth of July! 


luv46kdz said...

This is just a gorgeous shot of Old Glory, boy the sky makes it just pop! I'll definitely have to check out those sites on pic taking tips, though this project is going to be a massive help. Thanks again Dedra :)and Happy 4th!

here's my Sunday shot
One Weekend Two Shots

Suz said...

Your weekend photos are great!

I have been working on an altered book & rewatched your tutorial for the ?time (I learn something new each time because if I don't put something into action with my hands it doesn't always stay in my brain). Love the post about the journaling prompts my next book is going to be about ME (gasp) answering a lot of those questions. thanks for always inspiring me Dedra

Noell-Hyman said...

Wow, great redesign of your blog!!!

I love your weekend photo project. I want to get involved with it -- just not sure when!

Thank you for referring your readers back to my 4th of July article! I totally forgot about that and would have invited others back to it too if I had remembered in time! :)


Tere said...

I love your picture!!!!

Here is mine July 4th picture

Is not that great, but this is how we ended this day, watching the fireworks!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your blog is great! I love collecting all these links to fellow scrapbookers. Happy 4th - love the picture!