Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Me today....

thinking about making jewelry boxes out of old books.
headbands, flowers, crystals and feathers.
buttons, broaches and rings.
making another gift card minibook, loved doing that one.
shadow boxes and making A LOT of them to hang in our house.
going for a long bike ride with Jon and the girls.
OR maybe watching the girls swim instead.
making something fabulous out of nothing.
cleaning my dark, lonely studio.
wishing I knew more about computers and social media.
OR maybe not.
riding the Harley and taking photos from the road.
wishing there were more hours in the day to squeeze it all in.
OR maybe not.
praying for rain here in Arizona.
wishing you a very happy week!

what's on your mind today?



Anonymous said...

Dedra - I love the idea of making jewelry boxes out of old books. I am on a quest to recycle older products to make new, great products. I would love to see a tutorial or something on that! God Bless!

Tere said...

I also would love to see a jewerly box... please share them with us when you have them!

I also wish I had more hours in my day!