Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lettuce anyone?

HaHa! Ok so here today in Arizona it is going to reach 115 degrees and tomorrow, just for fun we have a high of 116 degrees with extra humidity. I'm fine with all of this if it would just RAIN. puleaseeeee.... Every afternoon, driving home from work I see the thunder heads forming, to the point I wish I had my camera so I could photograph them in all of the beauty. (I have come to the conclusion - I have a love affair with stormy, big wonderous, thunder head clouds, because the only time it really rains is during monsoon season.) Bring on the monsoons for heavens sake!
So, when it gets this hot here and we are looking for a fun dinner, Jon will grill out hamburger's (his are the BEST), and instead of a bun we wrap the hamburger in lettuce. We call it a hamburger wrap, our parents   even love it. It's lighter for us and healthier.

Off of the subject!
I found the new Graphic 45 release, feast your eyes on these!!                                                          

I have missed ribbon with definitions on them. So happy to see these!
You can see the full release here!
I have some more CHA releases that I have added to my "must buy" list, to share tomorrow.

I hope it's cooler where ever you are!

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Erin Bassett said...

Oh my word, I need those envelope tags!! Thanks for the enabling Dedra!!