Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's not always easy....

to find a willing participant here in our house. Especially when Shelby is home long enough for me to unpack her suitcase, wash her clothes and then she is out the door again. Between summer camps, family reunions, trips to California and the beach (I wouldn't be surprised if she moved to California and the beach when she is an adult). By the time she was seven she had traveled more than I had my entire life. Now at 14, I feel blessed that she is able to travel (with family and church) and she is experiencing life in wonderful ways. Making memories....that's my girl! lol....

Sorry back to my original thought: I was able to take a couple of photos of Shelby sporting the latest headband I made before she headed out to Ohio and Myrtle Beach. I have seen a couple of scrapbookers use the feathers on layouts and other projects (I think I might be late to this party) lol!
but here it is anyway and nothing seems to be off limits....

I always like to think "outside of the box". Seeing things around me and what I could do with them. Hence, the gift certificate mini book and the frames I use, etc.
I have some new ideas written down that I want to try, but I also know seeing something in your mind and then having it materialize is two totally different things. Then, I remember this is fun and you can have happy accidents, which make your project even better!

So, I'm wishing you happy accidents, willing participants, and creative ideas!


Erin Bassett said...

Great photos! LOVING that headband!!!

luv46kdz said...

The headband came beautiful and your daughter most certainly is beautiful. They grow too quick at the mother of a 29 yr old I remember the day she was born like it happened yesterday.

Myrtle Beach S.C.? Love the south and would love to visit there!

Your gift card mini book set me off into collecting and hording gift cards! I have a stack of em ;)

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