Friday, June 18, 2010

What have you been....

up to lately? It is Summer and I know you are all getting outside and enjoying some family time, BUT what have you been doing creatively. I asked myself this same question just yesterday, and if you really stop and think about it, I bet you do something creative every day or at least every other day.
Being creative doesn't have to be putting a layout together, doing a project with paper and glue. It can be as simple as sitting while your waiting to pick your children up and reading magazine, finding something that inspires you and writing a note to remember it. It can be taking photos, editing them, etc.

We are all busy and when I think of all of the ideas I have written down, all of the things I COULD be doing, it can paralyze me creatively. I have to remind myself that I may not finish something I have been working on and that's ok. Lately, I have also been reminding myself of a quote my father-in-law said recently. "The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time."  I work full-time, I have two daughters that are very busy with activities, friends and honestly most days I come home and I'm wiped. I just want to enjoy a beer with my husband, talk about our days and spend time with our girls. Then, before I know it, it is time to start our routine of dinner, baths, etc.

So, if I can find just 15 minutes to do something, then that's ok. Some days I will hopefully be able to find more time than that. This weekend I want to share a book that has really inspired me to see my life and the things around me a little differently. While I, once again, do not have time to fully commit to the project the way these ladies did, I have thought of a way to do something similar in the time that I DO have. I would love for you to follow along and participate with me.

I would love to see what you ladies have been up to and what has inspired you lately. Link me up. I'm always looking for fabulous eye candy. I'll leave you with the VERY limited projects I have done. I have SERIOUS shadow box love right now.

Supplies used: Bingo Card, 7 Gypsies Tag, Jenni Bowlin Pins, Bazzill Buttons, Jewels, Prima an old dictionary page and shadow box from Ikea.

Supplies used: Prima, Bazzill Buttons, Diamond Glaze, EK Success Dangles and a bracelet with deep round wells.

I had SO much fun making this little beauty. I thinking about opening up an Etsy shop and selling them along with other things. I have been all over the place creatively....LOL!

Oh, I almost forgot - I wanted you ladies to be some of the first to know has the NEW Basic Grey Olivia and Oliver Collection in stock now. They also added some new items to their Kraft Collection. Here is a little teaser.


Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Oh Dedra that shadow box is beautiful! The picture is amazing.

And your jewelry! Omg, we'd love to see it in an etsy shop! It's gorgeous.

I'm so glad you're back to blogging! You were greatly missed!

2 Worlds said...

I agree I love jelwery, its inspiring to me also clothing
Great to see you back

Suz said...

I love the shadow box & bracelet.

You are so right about the creativity being more than just working on scrapbooking or whatever hobby we have. Also if we aren't taking time to enjoy life & make those memories then what do we have to scrap. Keep that balance & go easy on yourself you amaze me with all you do with girls, work, create & still have time to be on line. When my boys were younger there was no way I could do all that

Thanks for visiting my blog today

Anonymous said...

Dedra - Love that ring and bracelet! I want a set! Can't wait to see what else you create.